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4" Flex Tap Tee LONG 10/12/15
*Flex Tap is designed to fit  FRATCO 15" Single/Dual/Flex Wall
*email BULK order request to
(email: quantity, shipping info, contact info)
Available Fall 2019:
4"/3" Flex Tap Internal SHORT 6/8
4"/3" Flex Tap Internal LONG 10/12/15
 4" (102mm) for DUAL WALL
 3 15/16" (100mm) for SINGLE WALL
  *Hole saws available for purchase* 
Ordering and Logistics


*40 taps per bag or 800 taps per pallet (20 bags)*


Customers have several options to buy and receive the product:

1. Customers can order on this website through "SHOP" menu button or email order quantity, shipping address and billing info to and will be shipped UPS/FEDEX/USPS (extra) or picked up at the Windsor, IL tile yard at no charge.

2. Customers can also contact Fratco, Inc. to have the product shipped with a load of pipe (at no charge) or through a shipping company (extra). To contact Fratco please visit their website at

*DISCLAIMER* Central Plastic Products, LLC. is not responsible for damages resulting in faulty installation of its products by the installer. All installation practices must adhere to all relevant industry ASTM STANDARDS when installing products sold and produced by Central Plastic Products, LLC.

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